Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How I Get Myself To My C-6 Assignment

Marissa was sitting at the tutoring table when I showed up for my C-6 assignment. She was so happy to see me that I almost forgot my resentment about having to be there. She told me she was having trouble with logic. She was going to take a test on Friday and she really wanted to do well.

When I saw what she was working on, I offered her some of the worksheets I had from my classes. I never saw a kid get so excited about extra math work. She happily accepted all I had to offer. We spent the period going over her homework and she finally got it! She promised to do all the sheets I gave her on her own and told me she would be back Thursday, my next tutoring day.

It's kids like Marissa that get me out of bed and into work every day. I'm fortunate to work in a school with lots of Marissas.

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