Saturday, December 13, 2008

Get Away Parking

Parking at work is important. I know. I used to work in Manhattan and got to work two hours early to make sure I got a spot on the one block available for teacher's cars.

I'm spoiled now. Parking in the area I work in is a breeze. The area is all residential, with mostly private houses. Now, I seek the coveted "get away spot." This is the spot that gets me away from the school the quickest. It has to be close to the exit I leave from and my car has to face in the right direction so I don't waste any time making a U-turn.

When I go in for period one, I always get the perfect spot. Now that my college now class is over, that type of spot is not as easy to come by.

I'm not complaining, but I miss my perfect parking spot.

1 comment:

Angela Watson said...

HAH! Thanks, that made me laugh.

It's amazing how easily we get spoiled.