Friday, December 05, 2008

Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down...

My geometry classes are like a sine curve--some days they are up but other days they are down.

Yesterday we were at a max, flying high--I was feeling great. Today, I was at my lowest.

Today, I don't think I can even make it to June.

What is wrong with these kids? What is wrong with me?

Why are they so inconsistent?

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Anonymous said...

I will give you the short list of why it's just not you:
1) It was a 5 day week following Thanksgiving
2) They got report cards
3) Christmas is coming
4) Hanukkah is coming
5) Kwanzaa is coming
6) Ramadan is coming
7) Programs were changed today for some
8) Some expressed curiosity and sadness about a 9th grader who died in a traffic accident

Need I say more??