Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who Would Have Thought This Could Be A Good Experience?

What a pleasure--being observed by someone who actually knows math and knows how to teach.

The lesson went well, but there were some very valid points made by the observer and I learned a lot from his comments.

There was no "gotcha."  When he explained how he would have presented something differently than I did, I was able to explain why I did things my way and he listened. Even when he didn't necessarily agree, he got my reasons.  I also saw his point and will definitely try things his way next time.

There was no comment about the boy who fell asleep or the girl whose cell phone I took.  I didn't get reprimanded because a student walked in late and mostly I didn't get accused of not knowing my students because several did not volunteer answers during class.  The blinds were not even and the observer did not say a word.  And, the paper on the floor wasn't my fault either.  The observation focused on what I taught, and what the kids learned.

I didn't mind the criticisms because I gained from this observation and in the long run, that is all that matters.. 

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