Saturday, October 15, 2011

Multiple Choice Quiz

Four teachers sitting in a room before first period.                   
A student walks in looking for help with a few questions.
What does he get?
a)  A lecture about studying and being prepared.
b)  An icy stare.
c)  Ignored
d)  All of the above


Chaz said...

All of the above. Gone is that one teacher who would give her time to help the student.

Scarlet D'd Girl said...

Choice D- all of the above is my answer!

Ricochet said...

I know the answer - but - really?

Schoolgal said...

Terribly sad. At least one of the teachers could have given the student a time to meet.

Even with all the BS, the job is supposed to be about students like this.

Stories like this give public school teachers a bad name at a time when we need all the positive feedback we can get.

Anonymous said...

Not Answerable....4 teachers would never be just sitting before 1st period. Hence, as this is a fictitious situation, the answers are a moot point.

Jen from Michigan