Sunday, October 30, 2011

His New Title

Bloomberg can't fix education and he can't solve the budget crisis but he can blame the education problems on teachers and fix the economy by getting rid of expensive teachers.  I crown him the Hemorrhoid Mayor.  He is a big pain in the ass for the people of NYC.


NYC Educator said...

Actually, though, fewer jobs for working people will not fix the economy, much as Mayor4Life would like to convince people otherwise. So I'm afraid I'll have to give him less credit than the doctor in the cartoon, funny though it may be.

Cara Boutkids said...

I like to give my doctors (as I am blessed with good ones) pertinent cartoons, so I had cut this out. It is one that I particularly like, as well.

However, I must compliment you to the nth degree as to how you have incorporated this strip into such an astute,literate, comic, satiric & ironic analogy.

Brilliant! Have you considered a career as an "SNL" writer?