Friday, October 07, 2011

The Dumping Continues

Based on one exam, kids are being moved from class to class.  One little exam is determining the high school career of a child.  One little exam is being used to move a child from a two term algebra class to a four term one, a class which will hold him back and possibly stop him from taking trigonometry and will definitely prevent him from ever taking calculus.  One little exam is shaping the future of a student.

One exam, an exam given to students after just two or three weeks in high school might be destroying their future and no one cares.  No one will go out on a limb and say enough is enough.  Statistics are all that matter and dropping kids back will keep these numbers high.

We do inquiries, look at data and make suggestions but nothing changes.  Nothing ever changes.

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Anonymous said...

Sigh. And it goes on for years with each new bunch of pollies thinking they're being radical and just making the same old mistakes - sheesh guys it is so not about numbers!

I love your button.