Monday, October 17, 2011

Being Prepared For College Should Mean:

1.  You have the ability to perform simple arithmetic operations without a calculator.
2.  You can  read and comprehend on at least a 12th grade level.
3.  You can sit for a two hour class without receiving a text or checking your Facebook status.
4.  You utilize tutoring and help facilities when you need them.
5.  You bring documentation to class for excused absences.  You know it is not the professor's job to chase your down the reason for your absence and you know better than to offer lame excuses.
5.  You don't use the excuse of a bad instructor when you haven't done well on an exam.  You know how to compensate for bad teachers.

1 comment:

Schoolgal said...

You can thank the new math for this. It didn't believe in teaching basic arithmetic skills so many "experienced" teachers hid these lessons behind locked doors.

I still gave a multiplication quiz every week.

If I were a principal today, I would opt out of these stupid programs.