Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Can We Do About A Teacher That Bullies?

Kids are talking about bullying in their English classes this week.  A teacher was talking about this in the lunchroom and mentioned the above question that a student asked.  The guidance counselor gave the kid an answer.

The teacher did not mention who the student was referring to, but at least four teachers in the lunchroom chimed in with the same name.  This person has been around a long time and nothing has ever changed.  Even if the child follows the advice given, nothing will ever be done.

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veteranteacher said...

Ms. P.O. This is something that I have just been made aware of in my own school and the offender is the special education teacher. It's so bad that the paraprofessional assigned to this teacher's classes wants out as she can't bear to witness the abuse. Admin is trying to document it (by using the para as a source) and the teacher even abuses this very respected para. The kids are not very articulate and the abusing teacher is setting them up by provoking their rages. It's getting worse. I wonder if your readers can share some strategies for this kind of situation?