Thursday, February 03, 2011

Kangaroo Court

A young teacher has been going through hell.  Her hearing was this week and she sent me this e-mail account of it.  She has reasons not to post on her own blog.  

First of all, of course I am right. The advocate was very good and did a good job of nailing the principal .  I had everything documented and had pictures.  We caught them in many lies.

Unfortunately, this is a kangaroo court procedure, so it will probably side with the principal. But I am fine with that. I basically wanted to have the satisfaction of making Principal Tyrant look like an idiot.

She made me and my mentor look like idiots. I wanted to nail and trip her up over every lie.

Something bad happened in my personal life today and the only thing that stops me from crying is remembering Principal Tyrant's growls and snarls over the telephone today.


Chaz said...

Any DOE controlled hearing is a kangarro court. The only time the teacher has a chance is when it goes to an Arbitrator.

Anonymous said...

I think the anonymous blogger is focusing on the idea of the hearing, not the 'actual hearing' where we know its fake and illegitimate process.

Those hearings also have to be audio recorded and can be requested by the appellant at any time. If appellants want a copy of the audio recording, then a request may be submitted to NYC FOIL unit.