Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Far Fetched, I Think Not

Groundhog Day Poster
The movie Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murray plays a weatherman who is finds himself living the same day over and over must be based on my algebra class.

On Monday, I teach them how to graph inequalities.
On Tuesday, I go over it again because, based on the homework and their response to the do now, they can't do any.
On Wednesday, I do the exact same problems I did on Monday.  The look at me all smiley and say they get it.
On Thursday I hear, "Ms, you didn't teach us this."  I begin the process again.
On Friday I try to give a test but the papers come in blank.

Most of my students don't remember this movie, they are way to young, but when I told them this story, they immediately related it to 50 First Dates, a romantic story about a girl who never remembers previous dates and the guy in love with her who never stops trying.

I didn't see either of these two movies as I thought they were too far fetched.  Little did I know I would be living the life of the lead character several years after they came out.


Anonymous said...

I saw both movies..doesn't sound too far fetched to me.

It is a good example.

Mrs. Chili said...

Go watch 50 First Dates. It's sweet and, in places, laugh out loud funny.

TheHouse said...

My students have been doing the same thing with Transcendentalism. They took notes, we discussed, they read several examples.

Then they had to apply that knowledge to a couple of projects. Their response? "Mrs. House, I don't know what Transcendentalism is."

My final response? "Gosh, if we had only taken notes, discussed this concept and then read some pieces that use the concepts." They got the hint.

Anonymous said...

sometimes I think it may have been easier to teach the little kiddies. They idolized and loved me so much, they did whatever I said, listened to me intently and watched me in awe.
My little kiddies paid attention to many concepts. They were using their legs to make rhombi with each other and finding their line pair on pocket chart.

(The children got very clicky so I had them start walking in line pairs and switch off each week. This was me adding a little math into our classroom routine.)

Unknown said...

Ah, yes, but in Groundhog Day, Bill Murray's character made the most of his predicament. Every morning he would wake up and he would add a little piece of knowledge or talent to his life. In this way, he gradually learned to be a virtuoso pianist - I don't remember his other accomplishments, but I'm pretty sure they included reading some great classic books and learning to speak a foreign language. Every night he would go to sleep and pray that Andie McDowell would still be next to him when he woke up. And then one day, the cycle was broken "and they lived happily ever after." Perhaps your math class shares a glimmer of hope with Groundhog Day. Or, perhaps the groundhog will simply but the little-son-of-a-bitch-Bloomberg again. Non sequitur much?

Surani said...

Its good to be reminded that ITS NOT JUST ME!!!

Thanks :-/

mathematicamama said...

That's exactly what I tell people my job is like - 50 First Dates meets Groundhog Day. They get the idea.

Unknown said...

@Tracie: you've been making noise on several blogs about how the "effectiveness" of a teacher has nothing to do with age, leading me to believe you are one of those young, inexperienced teachers who believes the way to advance in education is by booting out the teachers ahead of you in salary, experience, and seniority. You seem to like the world of little kids, who don't yet have the gumption to question or challenge the world around them, the way older kids do, so if you ever were excessed from your position, you'd be ill-equipped to fill a position out-of-license in a middle school or a high school, as so many ATRs are forced to do.

And the word is "clique," not "click." It is properly pronounced "cleek." An effective teacher would know that.

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with being younger or older.

It has do with competency. An older teacher can be competent as well a younger teacher. By the way, this younger teacher is completely okay with 'last one in, first one out.". I can not think of another way to make it for teachers to keep their jobs. By the way, I was excessed from my position because I was the 'last hired, first one let go."

2. There are tons of elementary teachers who also teach out of license in their subject area just like the middle and high school teachers.

3. Yes, did take over over 3 leave replacements in my out of license certification all in special education. It was one of the best experiences that I could have asked for. It taught me a lot about children who have special needs and how to adapt the classroom to fit the students needs. This is also a part of life.

Maybe you should ask me these questions first before automatically assuming.

Ricochet said...

OMG they couldn't remember anything today that I told them yesterday. That they took notes on.....

How will they learn algebra 2?