Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's All About The $$$$

The media is highlighting all these new, young teachers who are so good and so dedicated and how devastating their layoff will be to the children they teach.  Thanks to JD2718 I just read this post, Will They Stay, a post about how quickly all these TFA youngsters leave the classroom.  Anyone worth a plug nickel will tell you that great teaching only comes with experience and this makes we wonder why only they newbies, like Stany LeBlanc are ever given any mention in the media?  The only reason I can come up with is a financial one.  Mr. LeBlanc costs a hell of a lot less than a teacher with 20 years experience and he will probably be long gone before his paycheck reaches its maximum.   I know this argument makes sense. The story about him comes from the Wall Street Journal.


Anonymous said...

I stated on my blog why its important to keep the experienced teachers in the system.
This is after I witnessed a second year probationer with her students. I said to myself, 'oh my gosh. I hope my children never have a newer teacher."

Sometimes newer teachers also gain experience as teaching assistants, substitutes and related experience from their past. This did not appear evident from what I saw.

Pissed Off said...

There are plenty of good first year teachers. I know, I've worked with them and my children have had them. But, they were good because they had people to advise them. I think you are being too hard on new teachers.

J said...

Apparently Tracie thinks shes an expert,....

Anonymous said...

I think I was a pretty good first-year teacher. But I was excessed and laid off 2x during the early 70s. While I support a fair evaluation system, I've yet to see one. But I did support my union even when it went against my own interests because I knew one day I would be supported too. (Don't think that now.

The bottom line is that billionaires are others never cared about education. The students have always suffered under most political regimes in this country. They let schools fall apart and offered no social services in the areas that most needed it. So, it makes sense to get a new crop of TFA's every 2 years because their well-to-do parents take care of the health
and shelter needs, and they come cheap. Notice how no one is advocating for more experienced teachers.

I am also disgusted with the lack of support from the UFT and NYC teachers in general for the Wisconsin workers.

Anonymous said...

I know that there are and I have also seen some really awesome first year teachers as well as some who need a little bit more experience. I think there is a little bit of both to be said on the subject of newer teachers. It does not necessarily apply to 'all' first year teachers, but I think there are many who need experience.

In fact, I know 1 fabulous first year special education teacher in a LI school district. She is fabulous and any teacher can learn from her. I also think it varies from school to school and the kind of support that is being provided for the teachers. I also think that it comes from non-related school experience as well on what makes some newer teachers excel.