Tuesday, February 08, 2011


An article in today's NY Times delves into the issue of college readiness and how NYC students as well as those in other areas are not college ready.  This comes as no surprise.  Thanks to the education policies of mayor Moneybags, NCLB and RTTT we are graduating increased numbers of illiterates very year.  Every teacher knows this.  Even the kids who are graduating know this.  The bright kids know they have been cheated out of an education and the not so bright know they "got over."  Finally people are waking up and seeing the NYS diploma for the farce it is.

The government is finally realizing they must do something about this crisis in education.  You can read the whole plan (which probably cost $$$$$ to come up with) here but if you want to save some time, I will summarize the main points for you.  The state is considering raising raw scores needed to pass, adding additional required courses in math and science, and extending the school day.  There biggest concern is who will pay for all this.  In a time when school budgets are being cut, talk of teacher layoffs is rampant, the Board of Regents came up with a plan like this.  The saddest part is that nothing is mentioned about teaching these kids or finding a way to get them to achieve.

Right now, many of our students can barely pass an algebra regents, an exam that requires knowing less than 40% of the material.  Requiring them to take another course will not help.  There has got to be a reason these kids struggle so much. 

This plan is another way to let the politicians think they are improving education.  It is a big waste of money.  There is nothing in it that makes any sense.


Anonymous said...

When I hear new updates about education reforms it makes me sad and I ask myself, "why, how did I get here?". How did I get here and decide to go into education?

We have to pray for another 3 more years until he is out of office.

Pissedoffteacher said...

This is from the state, not Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make a difference where it comes from, federal, state, city...it makes me sad.

I meant 3 more years for the NYC teachers. My friends in a Long Island school district have it much better than some of my NYC teacher friends.

Not So Simply Single said...

Yup, love your perspective.