Thursday, May 15, 2008


I love technology. There is nothing like using a smart board or watching a presentation on power point. I get chills watching those little pictures fade in and out. Unfortunately, when you are working in a 21st century school that is stuck in the 19th century, technology is really hard to use.

As I have written before, my school has only four computers available for teacher use. More often than not, at least one of these computers is not working. We do have a tech guy, but he is always "busy." Last time the computer was down he told me to send him an e-mail explaining the problem. This, from the tech guy, makes me wonder about him.

We have four librarians in the library. They are very good at yelling "Table 3 you are making too much noise." They are also fond of saying "No games on the computer." When there is a computer problem, they have no clue as to how to fix it. When a CD I was using got stuck in the computer, I got yelled at for using the CD drive. When we need long paper in the printer, we are told not to change any settings.

One of my friends just finished her master's in library science. She has great ideas about bringing the math department into the library and incorporating our work on the computers. I'm happy she has these ideas and this enthusiasm. I had to remind her that although her job will now be in the library (hopefully) and time will be allotted to her to get these projects going, I will still be teaching my six classes and I will still be doing my C-6 assignment every day. Luckily, she remembered the workload of a regular teacher and told me she understood perfectly where I was coming from.

My school did get those special computers, the ones hooked up to an overhead, in every department (two rooms). We were given 40 minutes of training. When I said we needed more, the AP in charge told me to use my prep for training. In fact, the little twerp told me that prep did not mean a second lunch (as if I or anyone else I know ever has time to take even one full period for lunch.) Needless to say, these computers are gathering dust and will be obsolete before most teachers get to use them.

As I mentioned before, I love technology. I love being able to use the EGG grading system so I don't have to bubble anymore. I love my TI -83 calculator with the overhead attachment. (Not exactly 21st century technology, but the best I have to use.) I'm happy when the screen goes up after I've used it. Mostly I am happy when I walk in and the board eraser is still in the room and there is chalk.


IMC Guy said...

All we can do is our best with what we're given. Some people also have more interest on their own to learn about the new stuff that's out there. Others have different ideas on what new things to learn and what they want to do in their spare time. For me, my wife threatens to smash my laptop since I'm on it all the time. It's an interest and something I love - sometimes too much!

NYC Educator said...

I don't love that EGG system for some reason. It took me less time to fill out the bubbles and every time I log into DoE mail my password's been changed and I feel like a criminal. Also I then have to read all the departmental emails I'd been blissfully ignoring for months.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I love EGGS because I use excel for grades anyways and I can just copy and paste.

As for any other e-mails, I use the delete button.

As for the password--that is a pain. I don't change my bank password and that is a lot more valuable than my DOE e-mail.

Pissed Off Mom said...

What about the schools that have these computers but can't use them, because everytime they turn them on they blow a fuse in the school?
I myself am in love with the smart board presentations and would love to be able to communicate with my "children" with them, maybe then they would pay attention to me.

postscript said...

By far, the best use of technology that I've seen is in the websites that teachers set up. One teacher in particular keeps her website perfectly up-to-date with all the powerpoints, homeworks, and worksheets, as well as the related textbook pages.

re pissed off mom: In my middle school, we had one smartboard (for the whole school), but nobody actually knew how to use it, which obviously made its uses VERY limited.


Pissedoffteacher said...

I would love to have the equipment and the time to create a website for my students.

Hall Monitor said...

Check out for a video about how we need to utilize technology in the classrooms for the future.