Friday, May 16, 2008

Build A School Here

No air conditioning in this trailer. And now, no fresh air.The SO is collecting money to build a school in Kenya. It would be nice if Bloomberg spent some money on the schools right here in NYC.


17 (really 15) more years said...

Don't feel bad. We have air conditioners, but if Ms. Wannabe decides it's too cold, she comes in and shuts them off. If you turn them back on, she gets the AP.

So now we have to roast and we can't drink water. Do you think Tweed will care?

Anonymous said...

Time for a little fake dog crap in Wannabee's mailbox. Wannabee "tells on you" to the AP? Time for a little superglue in a lock she owns. Sometimes we have to rise above the measly mechanisms our bureaucracy provides for justice, and mete it out ourselves. Oh, and you can always kind of go past her mailbox to see if there's any important scan sheets or other administrative crap she might miss. She has "the mark of the squealer".

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can round up all the smokers in the school and have a smokeout by the hives to get rid of their inhabitants. The DOE doesn't budget for pest control, apparently.