Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Party Time Again

The end term party is coming soon. Principal Suit must be pressuring Mr. AP to get the members of the math department to attend. (The math department has almost a perfect non-attendance record at these things.) Every memo has a reminder about the party and a sentence urging us to attend. This party is being held on a Jewish holiday. I hope even people that usually attend boycott this year.

I think I will pass this one up again.


17 (really 15) more years said...

I'm an equal opportunity party pooper. I don't do the holiday party, year end party, bogus faculty luncheons/dinners held on half days.

It hasn't made me the most popular.

proofoflife said...

Hi, I am not going to a "retirement" party either. The two people have been retiring for five years now. They are coming back again next year to continue to work as "F" status principals cronies. They will call me a party pooper or a bad sport. The way I see it is why would I want to act as if all is well when they have gone out of their way to make my life a living hell. I m sure the party will be jammed packed with phoney b.s. brown nosers. I am afraid I might get drunk and tell them what I really think about the whole lot of them!

Anonymous said...

If Mr. AP wants people at this party so badly, he should pay for them to attend. In the real corporate world, the companies pay for the parties and employees attend free of charge. In our fake,corporate-when-it's-convenient world, screw the employees; we're treated like indentured servants. You won't catch me at an end-of-term festivity I have to pay for. In addition, why would I want to party with people I ordinarily wouldn't want to be with, but I'm forced to be with since we share a workplace?

Chaz said...

I have only went twice to a year end party. Both times because a dear friend was being honored. A few years back the principal let the school leaders know that he expected them to attend. In response most of them didn't bother to show up. The principal never did that again.

Nice cat.

Anonymous said...

tell us about your cute cat. my dad had a cat that looked just like that.

ms. whatsit said...

I sooo miss having a cat.

My dogs are happier, though, which kind of pisses me off.