Saturday, May 17, 2008

Enjoying NYC

I met my daughter at Penn Station and we walked uptown, through a street fair, to Central Park and then to a few museums. Beautiful day for a carriage ride in Central Park, something I have never done. I always wondered if the horses were being treated well.
Guitarist serenading himself by the pond.
The Dairy
Remote control boats in Central Park pond. At $10 a half hour, the owner of this concession was cleaning up today.

Ped bikes--I always feel sorry for these guys. At least today was not too hot.
"I Want To Believe" is an unbelievable exhibit at the Guggenheim by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. Pictured above is one of a series of cars that he placed at various heights and various stages of a car bomb explosion. Cai has received global recognition as a bold originator of new art forms whose basic material is gun powder. Videos show exactly how this art is produced. They are fascinating. My favorite part of the exhibit was the 108 life size sculptures depicting the hardships of Chinese life in the 1900's. The pain these people felt reached through the clay and into the hearts of the viewers. I recommend seeing this exhibit. It is well worth the $18 it costs to get in. Hurry, the exhibit closes May 28.

The Super Hero exhibit in the fashion institute of the Met was super! The outfits those guys (and girls) wore were great! Of course, you needed the perfect body to get into them, especially the women. Female super heroes are so exploited for their sexuality, but it is still fun to view those costumes and see the fashions they inspired.

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