Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise

We all thought the bathroom was never coming back. When we returned after summer break, it was closed for renovations. Rumor had it that a classroom was going to take its place. Kids have been given toilets to study in for years. The only thing different here is that the room was being renovated first. But, we all got a big surprise. New stalls, floors and walls. The only garbage can is by the exit. I wonder how long the floors will stay this clean.
New toilets but the toilet paper still does not roll easily.
New sinks, but the soap dispenser is empty. Someone left a bottle of some watery soap and no paper towel dispensers.
Someone must have gotten a gift they did not want. It does look pretty here.
We have a new woman's bathroom on the first floor. It is pretty and bright and really makes doing your business pleasurable. It opened yesterday and I got to be one of the first people to use it.
Now, if they could only do something to make my trailer look half as good.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the potty.

I think it's nice of people to contribute things like sooaps and lotions.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't wait to test drive one of those new toilets!! It's a new dawn for education, with nice lotions and stuff on the shelf!

17 (really 15) more years said...

Nice! Aren't you glad you were able to see it before you retired?

NYC Teaching Fellow said...

is this a school? what district is this in!?!? you should see the bathrooms in brooklyn.. lol

Anonymous said...

The trash can belongs near the door so you can use the paper towels to open the door and then deposit them. This will keep your just washed hands free of germs left on the door handle by those who did not wash their hands.

Marcy said...

Great pics! What type of camera do you have?

Pissedoffteacher said...

Nikon Coolpix L1--nothing fancy

Corel Photo fixes the pictures up fantastically