Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The trailer inspectors showed up today--three of them in fact. They walked around the trailer, noting and photographing all the irregularities that I have been posting about for years.

I made sure to point out the exposed electrical box, the windows that no longer open and the lack of fire bells and PA system. My trailer buddy pointed out his holes in the walls, his constantly running faucet and the rails falling off the ceiling. We both forgot about the leaky ceiling but luckily I ran into these guys in the cafeteria and told them about it. I also forgot to mention the fetid puddle in front. I hope they noticed it. There was no water in it today, but it was full of mud and old leaves.

The kids enjoyed my little tour of the classroom. I bet the administration wouldn't like it and I have a feeling, the custodian with these guys did not like it either. TOO BAD!!! NYC kids deserve to learn in a decent environment.


Anonymous said...

It is horrible that you and your students are working under these conditons. I hope the inspection brings positive results.

Pissed Off Mom said...

It is to bad that the DOE really does not give a rats behind how our children are educated as long as they pass the test

Dawn said...

Oh my. I'm pretty sure that if a social worker walked into my house and saw my house in that kind of condition, he'd be leaving with my kids. That's sad.

IMC Guy said...

Now the big question, what's going to happen now?