Saturday, January 05, 2008

More NY Pictures

Tourists enjoying a shoe shine on 6th Ave and 46th St. It was a beautiful, warm day. I hope they gave this guy more than the $3.00 he was asking for. They looked like they could afford to pay more.
A depressing sign on 43rd St and 6th Ave.
And last but not least, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It was lit, but the lights are hardly showing. Going green this year really dimmed the tree. It was still beautiful.


mathnerd said...

When I student taught I had a projector attached to the computer and pulled up the national debt clock. After we had discussed how long it would take them to spend a billion dollars if they spent a thousand a day. It blew their minds to think about how long it would take to pay off the debt at a thousand dollars...I am sad to see that the debt has raised about 2 billion since then.

mathnerd said...

Sorry, trillion(s) not billions. Apparently I was too hopeful.

NYC Educator said...

Under Bill Clinton, they'd retired that debt clock. Look what the fiscal conservatives have wrought.