Sunday, March 11, 2007

Senior (Citizen) Pictures

It's time to take year book pictures again. The juniors are coming to school, all dolled up and ready to put on their best smiles. The film is rolling, bulbs are flashing and appointments have been made. The only problem is that the appointments have been made during ...MATH!!!!!!!
The kids have no say about when they want to take the picture. They are just sent the notice and told to show up. The juniors in my M&C class are gone all the time. Now, this is not good. These juniors are taking a class that they should have passed in ninth or tenth grade. Most not only need to pass this term but need a whole year more in order to graduate. Does anyone care that they are missing ...MATH? I've repeatedly told my kids that if they want to look anything like their graduation pictures and get out before they start collecting social security, they better buckle down, start studying and stop cutting. Why would anyone in their right minds schedule these kids to take pictures during ... A MAJOR SUBJECT??? My son attended an equally large high school. He made his own appointment for his pictures. He went and took them after school and ...NO CLASSES MISSED!!! Seems to me, my school can do the same.


Nic said...

I was doing planning today and wondering how many days I should just write off toward the end of this last quarter, because of stuff like this. This is my first year at this school...hopefully not too many.

Mrs. T said...

(shudder) School picures.
I attended a large-ish high school (1600 students). Our school pics were taken at the time of registration, where we also got photos taken for our student id. Would this be so hard? Seniors get pics done elsewhere anyway, so what would the bid deal be?