Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Easing His Troubled Mind

No, this is not a picture of the toilet in my trailer. But, I am afraid this will happen so I always keep extra toilet paper in the desk, hidden under a bunch of books and papers. Yesterday I saved the day in the adjoining trailer by supplying them with this necessary supply. Not wanting to be caught short, I picked up two more rolls during lunch to bring out with me for my afternoon classes. People passing me in the hall looked at the paper and we laughed and made jokes. Principal Suit happened to walk passed me and said "Ms. POd, why are you carrying toilet paper?" I explained that the trailers often run out in the afternoon. I like to be prepared so the kids have no reason to leave the room. I thought he would say "Good idea" and then walk away. Instead he said "Where did you get them?" Did he think I robbed his private supply? Did it really matter where I got two lousy rolls of paper? Was he really worried about this? Could he have nothing else on his mind? Not wanting to stress him out anymore, I calmly said, "The custodian gave them to me." A big smile came across his face and he continued on his merry way. I was happy to be able to ease his troubled mind.

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Nic said...

I have yet to work at any school with fully stocked bathrooms....either the soap, the hand towels, and/or the TP are always out.