Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Note From Guidance

I received the following note today:

Dear Mr/Ms. POd,
I am adding T. J. to your class now. Sorry to do it so late in the term. Your consideration is much appreciated.


Guidance Counselor with 15 minutes work experience

To which I responded:

Dear Mr/Ms Guidance Counselor,


I know the counselor doesn't know me, but almost everyone else does. She could have at least figured out my sex if she wanted my consideration. Also, a little elaboration on the reason for the change might not have been a bad idea. I hope she got my point if and when she read my reply!


NYC Educator said...

A few of my colleagues have just had similar experiences with a counselor, albeit one of the male variety, who's been willing to accommodate every kid's transfer request, for any reason whatsoever.

I guess it beats working.

Mrs. T said...

OUr school just recently enacted a rather strict "no drop" policy, which does have its downside, but sure beats the hell out of that nonsense.
Love your note back.

IB a Math Teacher said...

Mr or Ms. Pissed Off:

I just wrote about an annoying counselor who wanted to do the same thing (with thirteen days left in the quarter!)

Why did this counselor even bother emailing you if that is all she was going to write anyway?