Friday, March 02, 2007

Klein and Bloomberg

Klein had a meeting with some parents this week. I only saw a little of it, but what I saw was distressing. A parent asked him how he could have been so callous about changing bus service and leaving 5 year olds with no way to get to school. He side stepped the question by talking about the waste in the money the city is spending on buses and mentioned how it is much more important to put the money into the classroom. Too bad the parent didn't ask him how money in the classroom would help her child, if the child could not get there.

I know no money is being put into my classroom. I don't have shades on the windows or a door that even closes properly. There is no security. Anyone can walk in off the street. My students can do as they please when they walk from the building to the trailer.

I guess I shouldn't complain. Bloomberg is still setting up lots of little schools and giving and giving fields away to wealthy private schools. I guess they are more deserving than the average NYC student.

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NYC Educator said...

Love the post, but the picture says it all.