Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The NY Sun

We just started receiving the NY Sun. We got an offer for a free year and hating to pass up a bargain started our subscription immediately. Truthfully, I just thought it would give my husband another crossword puzzle to do and I might even come up with a new restaurant to visit, but I was not expecting anything more.

I always skim over the paper when I get home from work and have found this newspaper to be ...hope you are sitting....PRO TEACHER. Today there is an article by Sara Berman asking why private schools employ mediocre teachers. (She heartily defends most teachers in the article) and ends with "I don't know how the teachers do it."

The front page had an article on Klein's school spending and while he has promised to cut beaucracy since his appointment in 2003 but has in actuality done the opposite. Even his planned budget cut of $73 million will only save money he was spending on the new bureacrats he hired. He reminds me of the shopaholic who saves $200 by spending $300 on things that they don't need to begin with.

Let's hope The Sun keeps on standing up for what is right. If it does, I will continue my subscription even when I have to pay for it.

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NYC Educator said...

Well, you're certainly getting your money's worth. I have to say, though, that I've seen articles with the opposite POV in the Sun, which is why I don't generally read it. It's nice to see they're coming to their senses.

Maybe they've been reading Pissed Off Teacher.