Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finally, An Answer

I called at 7:30 this morning.  There was no answer.  I figured he might be asleep (he is usually up by 5:30) or in the bathroom.  I called a few minutes later, got the same, no answer.  I thought he might be throwing out the garbage and chatting with a neighbor. I tried his cell phone, no answer.  I repeated this for 30 minutes, my heart beating a little faster every time there was no answer.

My husband wanted to go for pancakes, it is Father's Day.  I said not until I get him on the phone.  I thought I might have to run over.  Finally, after 45 minutes he picked up.  He was doing laundry and had no cell reception in the basement.  A giant weight was lifted off my chest.

The radiation is working and he is feeling much better so he decided to take care of business.

Happy Father's Day daddy.  I hope I have years ahead with you.  I will never complain about the worrying as long as there is an eventual answer.

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ASTRAKA said...

He made me promise not to put him on a nursing home. He still recognizes my face and my voice.
Good morning Dad. Happy Father's Day.
I kiss his right hand.
He kisses mine.
He smiles.
He is happy.

What will happen when he does not recognize my face?

His voice rings in my ear. "You will always take care of me. You are my son!"

Yes Dad. I am your son. I will always take care of you.
Love you.