Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Regents statistics are all that matters to certain people.  Esepcially important is how one teacher stacks up against another.

Last year no one saw individual algebra results.  I guess they were pretty bad.  Guess who was teaching these classes?  I know this years results were fantastic. 

The stat I'd like to see is how this year's group did in comparison to last year's. We all know that one will never be available.

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The whole data systems approach to education is not only morally wrong, failed and stupid, it makes for lousy science fiction (What's next? Choose friends by social networking data? Date, marry, establish and alter careers based on ranges and spectra of results from batteries of Meyers-Briggs personality inventories?) Any approach that attempts to apprehend (wrestle to the ground) education without the aid of educational expertise is doomed. And the most vulnerable students remain the victims of the system, neglected and deprived, just as they were in the old system. But now, almost everyone is a victim of the system.