Thursday, June 09, 2011

PD Day

I have to admit, after the first two hours, it wasn't bad.

The first workshop I went to was one on leadership, run by three JROTC students.  They did interesting ice breakers, got everyone engaged and presented their material in a clear, precise,entertaining way.  The kids were dynamite!  (I'm not just saying that because two of them were mine and both mentioned things they liked about my class, especially our Facebook group).  It was terrific hearing what kids felt teachers should be doing.

The second workshop I attended was run by the STEP team.   The kids went over the complex routines they do and patiently tried to teach me, a person with 3 left feet how to step.  The frustration some must feel in math has been more than matched by my inability to master even the simplest routine.

The highlight of the day was the math department conference.  At 2:40, the end of the day, we all left.  Mr. AP was involved in some other activity and never made it up.  People complained about having to stand around.  Not me.  I prefer chatting with friends to being talked at.

Now, off to the prom.  My last one.  ;-[


ChiTown Girl said...

If I had known you had a PD day today, I would have sent you my favorite game. I may still email it to you...

harvey said...

Enjoy the prom, it's nice to see the kids so grown up!