Thursday, June 16, 2011

Credit recovery thoughts

Janice was one of last year's algebra kids.  She wasn't in class very often and when she did show up, she didn't do much. Calls home and to her guidance counselor did nothing to get her to do what was required to get her to pass.

On the very last day of school Janice came to me and told me the reason for her poor attendance.  Her mom was very sick and Janice thought she might die.  To a fourteen year old, on the verge of losing her beloved, solving algebraic equations was about as meaningful as a thermal underwear in Caribbean.

Fast forward to today.  Janice came to see me and told me her mom is doing much better.  Janice too, is doing much better.  She is passing all her classes and is even talking about becoming a pediatrician, a pretty good ambition for a kid who washed out during her freshman year! 

I hope and pray Janice will be able to follow her dream.. The biggest obstacle in her path will be credit recovery.  Instead of giving Janice the courses she needs, she will be allowed to do a series of questions on the computer and then will be awarded credit for everything she failed in the past.  Notice, I said credit and nothing about knowledge. With this sort of education how can she be prepared for college?  And, if she can't do college, she certainly can't go to medical school and the closest she will

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Anonymous said...

It is upsetting that we are not giving knowledge to our students. Isn't that what why we all became teachers? Integrity, morality and ethically are not part of Bloombergs education.