Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hitler Youth

OK, this person was not a member of this disgusting organization, but if you watched her marching around the school, scrutinizing every little thing that goes on and listened to her barking orders, you would swear she valedictorian of this group.   It would be bad enough if she was an administrator, or even a teacher of the subject being tested at  the moment, but no.  I hate to pull rank but this person is only a lowly (click here to see her position.)  I wouldn't say this if she didn't come across with that miserable demeanor, looking down on everyone around her and acting like her word was the word of G-d.

I thought, perhaps I was exaggerating my feelings against this woman.  (I do have a tendency to do that.)  But, as I opened my mouth and made snide little comments in front of others, nobody said I was wrong and everyone agreed.  Even a colleague who never says a negative word about anyone jumped on the bandwagon and added his own comments to the fold.

This woman must be going through life without any sort of love or friendship.  Maybe she was abused as a child and is venting her frustration on others.  Or, maybe she is just a mean, ugly bitch.


I Know For Whom the Bell Tolls said...

She also thinks ISS teachers, because of their students' lack of academic achievement, are also intellectually challenged, speaking in condescending tones and reading directions to us as if we're not literate. I set her straight on that issue a long time ago. By the way, some of us with not such great childhoods grew up to be decent, kind, caring people. She's just an arrogant bitch, empowered by administration. She's just a flash in the pan. I knew EXACTLY who you were talking about, I didn't even have to do the "research".

ChiTown Girl said...

Ugh! I think every school has one of these. :(