Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Need My Music

Marking regents is boring but boring is not the only reason I am glad I am doing this for the last time.  Listening to the comments some teachers make about the kids is so much worse.  Some of the papers belong to ISS kids who are  limited.  I hate hearing them being ridiculed even though they don't know this is going on.  Teachers laughing at kids who just can't do the work is cruel.

I'm glad I had my i-Pod charged and I am keeping it charged.  It is good at blocking out the comments.


Same Sit Different Desk said...

I feel so for these special education students. Do these people realize how cruel the system is for making these kids take this regents? The old system, before NCLB, was so much more fair. Most of these kids are not college bound, and it's just very unjust to force them to take a test that is so inappropriate for them. Some of your colleagues need to get a heart and a soul. They better hope their child isn't a special needs child like those whose tests they ridicule as they grade. By the way, your colleagues with this attitude can all go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Try giving special needs students who already have difficulty in reading and 2 grades below reading level a reading test 'test how quickly they read'.

well, you can just imagine what the morale was when the literacy coach brought my second and third graders back to the room. They knocked their heads on the desk saying, 'we are so stupid. We can't learn anything.'

What a way to boost positive morale
(yes, I am being facetious).