Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Always Pre-Soak

Two women had the job of getting the clothes really clean.  The fabric was delicate so no scrubbing was allowed. 

Wash Woman One did not bother pre-soaking.  She set about getting the clothes clean by throwing them in a pot of boiling water.  The stains were not removed.  In fact, they were permanently embedded making everything unwearable.

Wash Woman Two did things slow and easy.  First she applied Shout, known for its stain removal abilities. Second, she soaked the clothing for a day in a mixture containing all purpose bleach.  Third, she loaded the machine and washed in lukewarm water.  The stains all came out.

Wash Woman One is no longer employed.  Wash Woman Two just got a raise and a big promotion.


Sweet Girl Tracie said...

Accept there are so many wash women #1's in a certain school system, and innocent and hard working wash women #2 end up being victimized.

mathematicamama said...

Where can I get a job doing laundry? I have not gotten a raise in 4 years.