Sunday, June 12, 2011

Better Than The Beach

I just finished calling several of the parents of my algebra kids to tell them to get busy on their credit recovery.  I don't believe in this nonsense but since it is being done, I want my kids to use to.  One parent thanked me for calling but then went on to tell me how she has heard her son, talking to friends, about how he wants to go to summer school and how he plans on failing a few subjects to make this possible.  They all think summer school is going to be fun.  They expect to go on trips and to hang out with their friends.  His mom can't convince him otherwise, and she is tough.  He has no cell phone, only one pair of sneakers and basically gets only the necessities of life until his grades improve.

Here is a parent we can't blame.  I refuse to take responsibility for his failure.  This time the system is at fault.  We are so worried about statistics we've created a carefree summer environment that kids want to attend.  The whole thing sucks! I'm glad I am going to be gone before my paycheck and livelihood depends on kids with attitudes like this.

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