Friday, April 24, 2009

The Most Terryfiying Place In The Building

The kids had a panic attack--they were wanted in the Principal's office. A summons to that office can never mean anything good. The boy, who has never ever been in any kind of trouble feared he had done something that would interfere with his graduation. The girl, who has done many wrong things but has turned 180 degrees and is on the path to success, was also fearful.

I know how they felt. The Principal's office has never been a place I have been comfortable in. The thought of going there still gives me heart palpitations even though I know I am in the "Teflon" stage of my career.

Well, the panic attack was short lived. Both were called down because they are "April Students Of The Month." And, while they hate to admit that this means anything, both were very pleased with the honor.

I took my usual pictures to e-mail to them (I have to retake them, they didn't come out very good). When the girl heard they were up, she ran down to see hers. She came back devastated. "Ms, I came out so bad. Do you think they will retake it?" I told her I didn't see any reason why they wouldn't and told her to go ask. She told me I had to go with her. I tried to get out of it by telling her my fear of that office. But, it was no go. She made me go!

Fortunately, only the secretary was there when we went. (The outer office is not as terrifying as the inner office) and she promised to retake the picture on Monday. Everyone is happy.

Now to e-mail my crappy pictures. I'm sure the parents will enjoy seeing these until I have a chance to get better ones.

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