Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mom and Wife

California Teacher Guy wrote a poem about his mom. It was so beautiful that I adapted it to fit mine and plan to read it at her funeral tomorrow.

“Fifty-eight years
wasn’t long enough, Ruth,”
Dad said at the hospital
as we clutched each other
and remembered the
wonderful woman
who was his wife.

He still wakes
and listens for her in the dark,
longing to make sure she is
safe from harm
And then he remembers…

She is gone, the love of his life,
The woman he lived and breathed for
is no longer here.
He will be strong.
He will carry on and love and be loved
by the children and the grandchildren
they created together.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Excellent! From the heart. Make sure you have copies for your dad and sister and anyone else who wants them. Just to hear the poem at the funeral won't be enough. People will want to savor it afterward, caress it with their eyes and hands, and remember...

As I write this, it is about an hour before your mother's funeral begins. My thoughts and prayers are with you. In spite of all the horrible places we walk through in this life, God is good. May you know that goodness in some small way today.

Anonymous said...