Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Shame On You

I'll write here what those still teaching can't.  If you see yourself in these words, feel very ashamed because not only are you committing these atrocities, you are doing so with knowledge.  I am willing to bet there are dozens of you all over the city.

I know you are wondering who I am referring to, but most readers of this blog probably know from the title that I am referring to a bunch of school administrators, particularly Principals.  You know, those people who are "master educators" and want to do everything for the good of the student.

I say shame on you because your policies have put incompetent, inexperienced, uneducated people in charge of individual departments in your schools.  You have allowed and probably encouraged these individuals to abuse competent and experienced teachers, to humiliate them and to drive them away from education.  It is because of you (yes the new contract too) that so many are fleeing the schools, retiring as soon as possible. You claim to care about education, but would you want your child to be in the hands of one of these people? Bright kids suffer and don't get me started about kids with special needs.  Would you want your daughter or son being taught by someone who was told my their administrator to give out answers during regents or other statewide exams? Would you want your child cared for by an administrator who had no respect for them? How would you feel when your child received a diploma but could barely read or write and then was sent on to fail in college?

Yes, shame on you for what you have done.  Bloomberg might have considered you master educators.  It seems Farina and DeBlasio have no problem thinking you are great.  But, I know the truth and so does every in the public school system.  Even you know you are a fraud.


Anonymous said...

Hey that must be Dwarka from Bryant and her old lover Kwait from Bowne. It's funny how Dwarka sends her kid to another High School. I guess Bryant would be too much of a challenge.

Retired and happy! said...

I agree 100%. You don't have to look too far for those administrators. Most of us retirees would still be teaching; the career we chose, not because it was easy!

I noticed that... said...

Bravo! Tell them in their faces that their incompetencies show right through their so-called "master teacher" façade and it's hurting the kids.