Friday, July 11, 2014

Pushed Out Before Her Time

After 30 years the teacher had enough and retired.  It had nothing to do with the students and it wasn't to get the extra money the contract would give her.  No, it had to do with her incompetent, mean spirited administrator.  A person who had no idea what it took to teach a population like the one this woman taught.

This incompetent rated the teacher ineffective time and time again.  Eventually a different admin came to observe.  This admin raved about what she saw and rated the teacher highly effective.

The kids lost a good caring teacher.  The admin is happy.  One more senior teacher, one more threat to the admin's security is gone.


Anonymous said...

Instead of feeling threatened by the senior teachers knowledge why can't administrators learn and be thankful they have teachers that have a heart for students. We all know the new administrators don't!

Anonymous said...

You don't understand. THEY know everything! There is nothing to learn after taking weekend administration courses!