Thursday, July 10, 2014

Message Schools Like Packemin Are Giving Students

Teacher:  John, why are you here during the summer?  You don't show up during the school year.

John:  That's right Miss.  Why should I come to school every day when I can show up for just 15 days during the summer and get my credits!


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Anonymous said...

and then on July 13th, some kid looking hungover, with his pants around his knees, no notebook or pen shows up at your door and says I am in your class. When you ask him where he has been he says he did not know he had summer school, someone called him yesterday and told him to come in. When you complain to the administration they tell you to give him makeup work ( then when you do they tell you it's too much. He writes about 3 sentences and then if you fail him the administration is all over you. I know at Bryant High School most of the classes are apex. Talk about BS. The kids know the game, sit at a computer, google the answers and they get over and then they laugh at you in a classroom when you are trying to teach. I fear the educational system is lost and that teaching has become such a depressing job.