Monday, July 21, 2014

Evaluations By A Know Nothing Novice

The experienced teacher knew her very low functioning students had to unwind a little before they got down to the business of learning after a weekend, especially a weekend that involved a fun school outing.  She knew the best way to get them to settle down was to spend 10 to 15 minutes in the beginning of the class letting them talk about the weekend.  She knew these students found it impossible to work for 48 minutes anyway so no educational time would be lost.  Besides, part of education is socialization and learning communication, an activity she facilitated during this time.

It just so happened that this was the day the inexperienced AP showed up at her door to do an observation.  The AP knows nothing about special education and less than nothing about dealing with this population.  The teacher knew in her head that she should drop the small talk and begin her lesson but her heart told her to continue doing what she knew was best for her students.  She followed her heart and let brain lead the way to teach the best possible way.

The novice AP was so happy with what she saw, she wet her pants.  She found a way to give the 30+ year veteran teacher an ineffective rating.  Her day was made.  She did not notice how well the teacher did in reaching her students.  She did not notice how well the teacher connected with this population and used this connection to help them grow.

The experienced teacher has had enough of the humiliation she received at the hands of this novice and retired.  The kids are now in the hands of a person who cares nothing about their education and their future.

Every day more teachers walk away from administrators like this one.  The teachers aren't going to suffer.  They will reap the economic rewards of a lucrative pension.  The kids will be the one to suffer.  If only the Principal had a child with special needs.  Then, he might care about what is happening to the kids in the hands of people like this.


Anonymous said...

The DOE and NYC public schools have absolutely nothing to do with education. It's about keeping a facade of education while spending as much money as possible to keep the illusion going. If education were a privilege and not a right you would see no public schools and a smarter, educated population. If DeBlasio wants to attack the 1% he should also look at the DOE and it's maintaining an ignorant, entitled underclass. It's all about the status quo.

Anonymous said...

You are correct anonymous , please add to that the numbers game. My school has instituted a program for students with special needs where they receive a limited number of academic classes and work study classes for the duration. They are only allowed to stay in the school building for four years even though they have the legal right to stay in a public school until they are 21. My AP has deemed 4 years in school to be sufficient. Years ago we had classes such as socialization and transition. Our students learned how to cook, sort and wash laundry and learned basic life skills. These programs no longer exist because of funding. I wonder why a student with special needs would require classes in global history learning about the explorers rather than learn life skills. I have to assume that our administration knows best, or do they?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess- the Chihuahua? I am so glad I retired when I did-just so not to give her the opportunity to evaluate me. She couldn't raise herself to my standards!

Retired and Happy said...

The Principal does have a child with special needs. Apparently HIS child doesn't or will never attend this school. The AP also has a child with special needs. Does it matter? Apparently not- she will ruin a formerly excellent program and collect her paychecks. Sad but true!