Saturday, July 19, 2014

Afternoon Walk

I ran into an old friend from Packemin while walking on the Cross Island Parkway this afternoon.  He left the school over 10 years ago and has no idea how bad things have gotten there.  He was shocked to here how many good teachers were harassed out of the school.

This friend had been some who worked closely with the kids, did much above and beyond the scope of the job.  He remembered what I and others did for these kids and felt sad for the kids without teachers like us around.  I told him about the incompetents in charge of some departments, people without experience in the field supervised.  I told him about the AP who instructed her teachers to give out answers during exams and to complete credit recovery assignments for students.  He knew what I was saying was true.  He was disgusted by the turn and what has happened to a place he once felt had the well being of students at heart.

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