Friday, February 14, 2014

Why I Was So Pissed

It wasn't that he opened schools.  I am used to NYC never getting a snow day.

It wasn't that I would have had to take a sick day if I did not go in.  I always felt fortunate to have those to use.

It wouldn't have been for my own kids.  I let them stay home, attendance be damned, when the weather was that bad.

It was the arrogance that pissed me off.  De Blasio and Farina could have said NYC schools stayed open because they felt that was best.  Period.  They didn't have to talk about how wonderful the city was running when, in reality, it wasn't.  Trains and buses were running late and canceled in many places.  Cars were skidding and getting stuck.  Sidewalks were slippery.  It was not a day to be out.  They heard the same weather forecast we all did and chose to ignore it.  They should have said they were in charge, they made a decision and everyone had to accept.  I wouldn't have liked the words but they would have been better than the lines they fed us.


Anonymous said...

Seems as if most people DIDN'T go to work yesterday, either. Traffic was extremely light on the FDR, both in the morning and the afternoon, as I traveled in to work from Brooklyn to the Bronx.
Attendance was very light, many of my classes had 2-4 students. So much for keeping schools open to provide "safe havens" and "hot lunches". Apparently, many NYC public school parents ALSO felt it WASN'T safe to send their kids to school, regardless of the bravado exhibited by our Mayor and Chancellor.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Cuomo declared a State of Emergency for NYC when I was in Florida and thought that meant schools would be closed. However the Twitter was between Al Roker and deBlasio made news in Florida. I did not like the way deBlasio made light of Al Roker's knowledge of the weather.

Anonymous said...

I did not think they were arrogant at all.. just plain stupid in decision making.

Maybe we were listening to the same press conference but interpreted in other ways then. I also heard the chancellor explain that she knows the school snow procedures may be not clear to understand and need some tweaking, so she is going to work on a clear protocol for all people to understand.

Pissed Off said...

Arrogant if I ever heard it. She stood up and said no excused absences, schools were open all day so everyone could make it in and she said it was a beautiful day. She just should have said she is the boss and schools are open, period. And, they kept making excuses.

Anonymous said...

This has been the M.O. for decades already..where tons of my friends had to go to school in these bad weather days.... this is nothing new.