Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Only Thinking About What Is Good For The Person In Charge

The AP was still tossing books, books that could be used by students in the school, books that could be sent to other schools, books still in wrappers.  The book company was even willing to pay postage to have the books returned to them.  The AP preferred dumping them.

The AP doesn't care.  The books could have been recycled, but that might have helped some students and teachers.  Recycling day was coming but the books hit the dumpster today (recycling day is later in the week) thrown in by students, very low functioning students.  Who knew they were permitted to be out of the building, doing work like this, without teacher supervision?

The Principal is not much better than the AP.  The Principal must have had knowledge of what was going on, but looked aside.  Makes one wonder how much this Principal cares about educating students especially when so much time is being spent taking them out of the classroom and valuable resources are being tossed aside.  He probably doesn't care much for the environment either.

Pictured above are the books on the cart and the legs of the students who dumped them.


Anonymous said...

Did Packemin get a new principal this year? What happened to Hula??

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to believe that any administrator would allow a low functioning students out of the building after the events that took place in queens a few months ago! What message do we send to students when we ask them to toss books, books that are new in wrapping?