Thursday, February 13, 2014

De Blasio-A Bloomberg Clone?

De Blasio was standing at the podium talking about the state of emergency and telling everyone who did not have to go out to stay home.  After much BS he got to schools.  From what I gathered, in his mind, schools are day care centers for people who need safe places for their children while they work.

CBS news was great.  While he rambled on about how the city was up and operating fine, they kept showing stalled trucks, cars sliding all over the place, parents struggling to get to school and a jackknifed bus on Queens Blvd.

The arrogance he and Farina showed was no better than the arrogance Bloomberg and Walcott showed during their reign of abuse.  If this is any indication of what the next four years will be like, the city is still in trouble.


Tamar Flower said...

In many cases, the city is considered a child center for many students....and I am clearly talking on the elementary level. Many of those parents in the more lower middle or working class neighborhoods will and have sent their kids to school in any kind of storm. I have experienced this and have had decent sized classrooms.

I can not speak for middle or high schools though.

And I do not think they were being arrogant at all. There is a lot of truth to parents using schools as child services. I think they were acting dumb and naieve, but not arrogant.

Pissed Off said...

And that is exactly why teachers get no respect. WE ARE NOT IN THE CHILDCARE BUSINESS.

Tamar Flower said...

This is the reality of the city elementary schools.. regardless if WE LIKE it or not. You have already said numerous times, if you dont think it is safe, then use a sick day.

Besides their dumb attitude into defending their choice to stay open, I saw they want to put some kind of of clear protocol in place for snow emergencies.

Pissed Off said...

I refuse to defend them, sorry. And whether I take a day off or not has nothing to do with keepins schools open. Watch the news. It was not safe to be out.