Sunday, February 16, 2014


I had to laugh.  A friend told me his AP thinks she is the Chihuahua and all the Chihuahua posts written are about her.  And, the AP was laughing.  Imagine, doing the things the Chihuahua does and being proud to be that dog.

Newsflash:  The Chihuahua is not one person, she is many people.  She is the incompetent AP, she is the evil Principal and she is the squeaky little manager of a bar I like to attend.  She represents teachers I have had, teachers my children have had and teachers I have worked with.  She is the nasty store clerk, the miserable cashier and the bus driver who waves as he leaves people in the street waiting.

Wonder how many others will see themselves in the Chihuahua and go away laughing.

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to compare themselves or be proud of being the Chihuahua! There is a BIG difference between being famous and infamous. LOOK IT UP and get the smile off your face.