Wednesday, April 03, 2013

You Can Fight For What You Believe, No Matter What


Leonie Haimson has the resources to send her child to a private school.  Good for her.  And, she is good for the public school children, no matter where her children go to school. 

I retired two years ago.  While no longer teaching, I still fight for teachers rights, exposing crap I know exists.  Not being part of the system doesn't mean I don't care.  And, Leonie not having a child in the system doesn't mean she should stop caring or fighting either.  She knows vouchers and charter schools won't provide quality education for all children. Public school children and parents need to be grateful for all she has done.


Anonymous said...

Leonie is monumental for everyone who is affected by public school eduction in New York City (students, parents, teachers, even principals too). She is thorough, follows through and knows more about the issues in public school education, charter schools, high stakes testing and students personal data then practically everyone.

Gotham Schools as well as other media sources should be praising and boasting her attributes; not write articles to try to make her look like a hypocrite. Leonie is a jewel and her praises need to promoted.

~~ Tracie G.

zulma said...

Totally agree with your comment!

GS thought that their article would create bitter anger towards Leonie in the same manner that teachers have bitter anger towards Rhee.

Well, GS failed in getting the public to react scornfully at Leonie.

Leonie explained her reasons eloquently and I say to her "kudos".