Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Demise Of The Boss

The staff at Brig's got along great.  They considered themselves family and worked together for the good of the store.  People thronged there partly for the products and partly for the atmosphere.  Being there was like being with old friends.

The boss did not like this.  She did not feel like she was part of this group and believed they were conspiring against her.  Her paranoia led her to install all sorts of surveillance equipment so she could watch what was going on all the time.  This led to poor morale, which eventually took its toll on the clientele that frequented the store and business dropped off.

As the boss cracked the whip harder in an effort to regain the business she lost, a new problem arose.  Her supervisor got hold of the tapes and caught her doing many illegal things.  She got caught cooking the books and fibbing about the money she brought in.  She got caught sneaking out early and arriving late.  She ended up screwing herself while all she intended to do was screw her employees.

The boss will probably survive this incident.  She is young and pretty and knows how to turn on the tears at the right moment, but she is scared.  She won't let up on her employees but she is thinking that the spy ware must go.

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