Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let Those That Are Affected Decide


Trips, classes, seminars, fun.  Keeping pensions coming and good health care alive

That is what retired teachers need the UFT for.

Personally, my biggest problem at the UFT is finding parking spots by the Queens office.

Let's give the votes back to the teachers that need them.  Educate everyone with the issues.  Teach the people that need good leadership to vote responsibly.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the April 16 trip to Carnegie Hills section of Manhattan.  It was great seeing the Central Park Conservatory (north of the area) and learning the history behind the old mansions I walked by hundreds of times.


Anonymous said...

Since I am at the elementary school up the block from Queens UFT often, I can give you some tips on parking spaces where I have had luck more than may require some walking though...

I will email you though, I do not want to give out my secrets publicly on the blog.. :)

Pissed Off said...

Thanks, but I know where to look. I always get a spot.

NYC Educator said...

Easiest parking for UFT Queens is the shopping mall where Sears is. It costs three bucks, you walk a few blocks, and you don't need to drive around hunting for a space.

Pissed Off said...

I know about garage, but thanks anyway. Ths semester I am there on Mondays at 10:15. Althernate ends at 10 so parking is a sinch.

Anonymous said...

P.O. I wonder if we found the same area where to always find a spot..