Sunday, February 24, 2013


Three classes--all the same professor.

Class 1:  Pre-calculus, 9:00 AM Friday morning. 

Students bright, motivated, engaged.  Eager for the lesson and eager to see and start practice sheet teacher left for upcoming exam.  Several asked me to stay when class ended to answer questions.

Class 2:  Remedial, 12:10 Friday afternoon. 

Students wanted to know if attendance would be taken.  Several wandered in a half hour late. Several more tried to sneak out once attendance was taken.  When informed they would be marked absent if they left, they announced their names and walked out.  They did not wait for practice sheet for upcoming exam.  One needed a pen.  Two had to be told to open notebooks.  Ten minutes before the class was scheduled to end, most had "finished" the long practice sheet, packed up and left.

Class 3:  Algebra, 2:10 Friday afternoon.

Students had to wait for security to open the door.  They filed in, opened books and got ready to work.  They asked good questions.  Many were repeaters and did not want to repeat again.  They diligently worked on practice sheet and helped one another.  All were there until the bitter end.

Above describes my Friday.  I subbed in the college for an absent colleague.  Subbing there is my favorite!  While I work hard, I get to meet lots of new students, teach a variety of subjects and get rewarded both financially and emotionally (appreciation from both students and staff, including administration.)  

Three classes, same teacher, completely different.

(Pictured above is a group of young boys changing after their swimming lesson.  The bus was waiting to take them back to school.  Nice break from test prep.  More Aruba photos here, in updated album.)


Ricochet said...

The middle class describes more than half of my day.

The other classes - well, they are better but not good.

I am wondering this year if I can teach - I know I can but I am not really teaching this year.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like both of my 5 grade classes on Tuesdays for me. Same teacher, but very different learning styles, dynamics and motivation in each class.

(1 class is a lot more motivated and eager to learn about practices, customs and rituals. Plus they come with experience. The children who have very little experience in the class jump right in and get into it with the other students and the classroom atmosphere is great. I just wish my other class could be like this. So completely different).