Sunday, February 17, 2013

Conversation With A Parent

An e-mail from a friend:
Parent to me, me to parent.

Parent: Hello ,I am a little concerned as to why you graded a paper from the log quiz when se (sic) was out for 3 days and doesn't know how to do it . Also , the m3 mid test , is that the one she hasn't finished from last week ? She cannot be expected to take a test over something she wasn't there to even learn

Please she's (sic) some light on this .

Thank you,

My answer: It is up to Tiffany to ask for help - she has not. She could ask her R time teacher to allow her to come to mine and I could help her during school. If she does that tomorrow she could get some assistance before finishing the test after school.

She is going to finish the test tomorrow - or that is what she said. At that point I will change the grade. That is what she has right now. This is the same as the last time she missed a test.

I have told the students that they are responsible for what I teach whether they are here or not. If they miss time, it is up to them to get the assistance that they need. Before school, R time, after school or during work time in class. She is in my largest class and the one with the most attendance issues.

On any given day I have at least 10 students missing. I have four different preps. I cannot possibly know who was here on what day, whether they did the class work or not, what they understand - unless they help by saying something. There are two teachers in her class. Has she asked Mr. Cook for help? He has not said anything either.

You know I will work with her. Please ask her to help me help her.


Lsquared said...

How about--I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to discuss your daughter's grades and course work with you without her written permission. Please advise [student] to come in and talk to me about the issue.

Pissed Off said...

Lsquared--that is the policy in college, not high school so it won't work.