Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beating The System


Teachers were no longer grading their own regents exams and APs were worried their numbers would go down.  They had good reason to.  At least one had been known to magically raise failing grades to passing ones and all that was needed was a weekend in between the grading and the recording of the grades. Now that power had been taken away. 

I've heard rumors that those proctoring these students were hand picked from a group of teachers willing to supply answers during the exam.  The AP might have found a way to beat the system after all.  I wonder if this is something being taught in the "buy your adminsitrative degree" program.  If it is, this administrator has learned well and gotten value for the money spent. 


Anonymous said...

This is happening in EVERY building and EVERY grade! The disease is system wide thanks to Bloomberg. No one wants to work in a failing school with the threat of closing looming overhead! I work in an A school. Believe me it is not A. Teachers and Administrators know how to work the numbers! We have had students sit for a regent exam three times with failing grades of 48, 50, 47 and then magically the student gets a 78. There is a great deal of magic being done at my school!

Anonymous said...

I don’t cheat. The teachers I work with do not allow cheating to go on. Our students will earn what they earn and so be it. I will not keep my job by losing my morals. And, if I get fired over test scores I will sue to get my job back.

Abstract Randomizer said...

Good for you guys for sticking to your principles (spelled that way for sure) but there are a whole bunch of younger teachers who are much more easily intimidated than the seasoned stock and can be browbeaten into doing just about anything, especially when it's proposed in a "work with us as parts of the community" context.